We allow you to define your organization’s jobs and positions in terms of key competencies and perform real time match and gap analyses between your Human Capital and your organization’s projects. You can plan your Human Capital development by focusing on their current sills and their future growth.

We facilitate developing an in-depth understanding of your jobs and identifying the competencies required for success on these particular jobs.

We insure definition and setting up of competencies in relation to Co jobs requirement. It also gives proficiency descriptions for competencies.

Help assigning competencies and accomplishments to Roles. This model will also allow tracking Human capital competencies and accomplishments and performing gap analyses.

It sets the foundation and support to:

  • Performance Management
  • Staff planning and recruitment
  • Career Development & Succession Planning
Review job descriptions and training documents.
Creating a first draft of competencies based on the information gathered in the above two steps.
Verifying your model via a survey administered to incumbents and supervisors