This is a method of assessing the processes, procedures, methods, and activities of HRD. It is an operational HR audit that gathers data on both the actual processes and procedures that are being followed and also those that are specified and prescribed in manuals, handbooks, rules and regulations, and guidelines. It compares the two to assess the level of variance or compliance between them.

This method provides a snapshot of what the organization is actually doing to achieve its results. Organization would analyze the processes and procedures that actually occur and compare them to “the rules.”

Assist you in assessing your HR function and determine the level of consistency of procedures in actual practice throughout the organization. It includes:

  • Auditing overall HR policy
  • Auditing HR processes
  • Assessing manpower planning and staffing procedures:
  • Planning procedure
  • Recruitment procedure
  • Selection procedure
  • Mobility procedure
  • Confirmation procedure
  • Separation procedure