Increased Efficiency: we focus entirely on recruitment. Working for multiple companies allows us to build highly developed candidate talent pipelines. We are outside the corporate machine and can work without dealing with internal bureaucracy to get results faster.

Increased Trust and Respect: we are an objective party in the recruitment and hiring process. We give unbiased opinions on the recruitment tactics, job offers and hiring practices.

Consultative Recruitment: we will act as a corporate consultant as well as providing the task-oriented service of filling positions. We don’t just stick to one recruitment process, strategy, and recruitment marketing projects sometimes; rather we tap into this outside experience and look for best practices not yet implemented.

To provide planning, recruitment and hiring services through a recruitment outsourcing process program.

To become the preferred recruitment advisor and hiring services provider for employers and job seekers.


  • Employers and Job seekers complete satisfaction ( 95% end of probation period confirmations)
  • Vacancies to be filled in 6 to 10 weeks maximum