Training & Development

Individual Development Plan
Develop The Methodology And Template And Assisting In Implementation Of Individual Development Plan Linked To Overall  Business And Career Objectives 
Training Needs Analysis
Develop The Methodology And Template And Train On Interviewing And Data Collection Techniques. Assist In The Analysis And Consolidation Of Results
Succession Planning
Develop The Methodology, Identify The Steps And Develop Supporting Document Including Full Presentation. Training On The Application. Methodology Includes Criteria Of Differentiation Between Key & Critical Positions. Process Of Identification Of Potential Successor For Short, Medium And Long Term
Career Management
Based On Succession Planning Prepare The Readiness Concept, Develop Criteria And Methodology, Develop Templates And Train On Application
Training Procedure Develop The Policy. Develop Workflow. Identify Key Steps In The Process And Develop Related Templates And Forms To Be Used
Training Evaluation
Develop The Methodology Of Evaluation Based On Kirkpatrick Methodology

Manpower Planning And Recruitment

AdvertisingCreation of Job Description and Person Specification
Develop The Best Fit Content Of Job Description and Assist On Preparing A Branded Job Postings
Recruitment Procedure
here goes a link to employee handbook
Induction Procedure
here goes a link to employee handbook
Manpower Planning
Based On The Job Model, Identify Key Task Per Position And Allocate Key Competences. Categorize Competences. Identify Required Levels. Give Definition By Category, By Competence And By Level.
KPI Development
Based On The Job Model And Competences Model, Develop The Standard Of Performance By Area And Develop Key Performance Indicators Accordingly
Feedback Techniques
Methodology And Training Material To Assist In The Best Way To Give Feedback On Performance And Career Objectives.
Performance Monitoring
Assisting In Developing Short, Medium And Long Term Objectives. Develop The Key Performance Indicators As Well As The Different Tools And Techniques To Monitor The Performance.
Performance Management Procedure
Performance Management System Development And Implementation. Developing Tools, Systems And Procedure For Team And Individual Performance Management. Feedback Culture Training. Individual Development Plan And Career Management Concept And Policy.